Pioneer Data Systems
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Born in Denver, Colorado

Specializes in everything VistA

Watches way too much Discovery Channel

Believes nothing important requires hair


Who is this Greg Kreis anyway?

Greg Kreis,
Jean Luc Picard

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Greg Kreis is President of Pioneer Data Systems, as well as an on-site instructor and consultant. He has been involved with VistA design and programming since his years in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in the early 80's. This was during the "Big-Bang" when VistA (formerly DHCP) was rapidly assembled and deployed to the new sites at each medical center.

Since establishing Pioneer Data Systems in 1989, he has specialized in VistA training, both with on-site and virtual classes. To the present, he has trained thousands of VA employees and sub-contractors. He has also dabbled in C#, java and .NET and has built many of his own computers over the years. Once digital cameras became affordable, he declared this to be the hobby that he will take to the grave.

Greg, born in Colorado, is the son of an airline pilot and veteran of frequent family moves. He settled in the Atlanta area in 1985, along with his long-suffering wife, Jane, and their three children.
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