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What students are saying:

"[Greg really does] have a great gift for teaching. [His] enthusiasm, humor
and analogies really liven up the class and create a way of learning that is fun...That was
the best class I've ever been to and I will recommend [his] services HIGHLY."

"The course was the best I have ever taken and I would recommend for any IT person interested in learning about Fileman."

"Greg is an excellent instructor. I've learned so much to apply to my work."

"[In my opinion, the strengths of the course are] the instructor, and his ability to present the material in an interesting and informative manner. This can be extremely dry stuff - Greg does an excellent job of keeping the class participants interested and involved."

"Instructor was outstanding. Knows material very well and presents it in a manner which keeps your attention."

"Great instructor!! Greg did a wonderful job of explaining the material and he complimented the manual in that he did not read the manual to us, but instead offered additional explanations/ examples. His humor and energy offered so much to the class and I feel he did an exceptional job of tailoring the class to a wide range of experience and skill level. Great class!"

"The instructor was very well prepared and was ready for any and all questions asked by class members."


What students are drawing...
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Pioneer Data Systems offers a range of classes designed to fit your needs. Greg Kreis will instruct and encourage your trainees with his unique style of teaching at your facility (minimum class sizes apply).

Here is the current schedule of classes.

VistA Foundations

MUMPS for Programmers

File Manager for Programmers


Advanced MUMPS and File Manager

Unless otherwise noted, when an on-site class is hosted by the Department of Veterans Affairs, then it is restricted to employees of the DVA or other government agencies with a relationship with the DVA. Consultants contracted by the DVA are also approved for attendance.

What are your needs?
If you have trainees and a classroom facility, you can host a training class on your site. But what if you only have a couple of trainees who need the class, or you don't have the facility necessary to host an on-site class? Chances are you can enroll your trainees in a class at another facility that has open seats. It's a good idea to join our mailing list to receive announcements about seats that are available.

Before you host an on-site class...
In order to ensure a quality training experience for your students, your class facilities must meet certain critiera. Check the course description for specific facility requirements, but the general requirements are as follows:

  • Projector displaying instructor's computer on a screen.

  • Paper Flip Chart

  • A VistA training account, accessible from classroom PCs, where students can do exercises. This account must include recently patched Kernel, Fileman and VPE. To maximize the learning experience, it is highly recommended that VistA clinical applications also be installed in the account as a source of code examples.

  • Each student should have their own PC/terminal and unique access and verify codes to the training account. Students must have access to programmer mode after logging in.

If an on-site class is not feasible...
In this era of mobility and the ubiquitous net, the possibility of delivering a class virtually is not only practical, it is a realisitic alternative to on-site training. How do we know? We have been doing it for several years and our student evaluations tell us the time is now for virtual. We have conducted classes virtually for decades, but only in the last few years has all of the technology matured sufficiently to make it a viable substitute for on-site classes.

Students can attend from their work place or from their home (whichever has the most consistent network performance). We provide the class materials and headset needed to attend the class using a PC or Mac. Our delivery platform even lets us create break out rooms for students to team up virtually to perform hands on exercises and share their screens for collaboration.

When budgets don't permit travel, or student time is tight, consider a virtual class!

Class size
Our class minimum is fifteen students. However, if your class size falls below the enrollment minimum, don't worry! We encourage you to open your class to students from other facilities, which should help you to meet or even exceed the minimum class enrollment.

Enrollment and payment policies
Get all the details about student registration, confirmation, accepted methods of payment, and cancellation here: The Fine Print.

So you want to schedule training...
Please email us at or call us at to schedule your training class. We can also tell you about any classes that may already be in the works and not yet announced.